Uber is in talks with Luxe to acquire techs and Engineers..!

Uber in the last stage to acquire some technology and team members from Luxe, on demand of the car valet service. Luxe one of the on-demand startups based in San Francisco. The Uber get to call some of the technicians and talented engineers from Luxe which had been working on the service related to the short-term car rental and valet service. According to their plan, they conduct an interview for the engineers who can get from the company.

Uber recently start a new service for the truck to haul the loads from one place to another place. It launched an app that connects the shipper and the truckers to arrange the freight service in a single tap using the mobile phones. It also focuses on the pain point of the drivers that in a normal private trucking company, the drivers need to wait for almost thirty days to get paid and it was the possibility to sink a small company. Sometimes it happened the drivers have to wait for more than ten hours for the load without any compensation.

Uber’s new commitment to it drivers

 The company promised the drivers that they will send the confirmation within few seconds whether the load is ready or not after tapping a ride in the application. It allows the drivers to login the app who have a valid license and no cases. They also mention that they will pay the drivers as soon as within seven days for each ride if they need to wait or it not happened as they planned then they will get interest for the waiting time.

They already built a team of the industry experts and top technologies, more important along with the drivers they are going to push the company to forward. For every year, in the United States truck drivers haul more than fourteen thousand billion tons of the containers. The main goal of the company is to grow their company along with the driver and they are going to play in the freight service.

Happy drivers are the happy shippers so all will get a good service and the consumer will also feel happy for hauling their goods in a careful manner. Here, there are more chance to create the win-win situation for all the drivers and the consumers. After the completion of the ride the drivers get their pay within one week and also they have more possibilities to spend their time for their family with Turn key cab software and relaxation after the long travel.

Prosperity of Uber from the beginning

Uber started as a simple ride-hailing service company by pressing the button and get a ride through the mobile phones. After six years, it provides more than two billion trips from the beginning of the company and now it has grown as the largest ride-hailing company in the United States and all over the world. It served for the people around the world as a largest ride-sharing network and expands the company into a new branch.

Uber acquired the Otto which was a self-driving truck company for six hundred eighty million dollars in the last year. The autonomous testing was slow down and that team members are deployed in the trucking service, uber taxi clone, based on the report from state transportation agencies and the Uber officials. They are using the call center and load boards for the truck service. Being in the freight service it required critical plans for haul the loads rather than just pick up and drop the people to their wish.

Luxe facing challenges in the valet service

In the month of April, Luxe stopped its end to end door, car cleaning service. The Chief Executive Officer of Luxe, Crutis Lee saying that the company was changing the direction. However, as part of the deal, Lee reported that they won’t join to the Uber and they are going to work on some version of the Luxe and retains the Luxe brand name. Luxe allowed their drivers to visit few cities to mobilize someone to valet park their car through the starts up  an X uber app.

Recently, the company had offered the customers the option to valet park at some Luxe-branded garages. The company had struggled to build a sustainable, growing, business, in part because of the expensive garage contracts. But that the business model waved as the company started buying up parking garages and becoming more traditional valet service that operated outside the business.

It eventually halted its on-demand parking app and said it would be regrouping the company for a different parking service that it planned to announce later this summer. It doesn’t seem like the company has performed well. Luxe closed its Seattle operation and ‘pause’ its service in Los Angeles and Austin; layoff a number of employees as a result.

Service of the Startup Luxe

According to the source, Luxe has raised more than seventy-five million dollars, including from car rental company Hertz and still has money in the bank, expand its service. If we download the company’s app, it greeted as by a message says that they are cooking up something new and exciting that will make owning a car pain-free. It provides the service through the app, by simply tapping the app, when the people need a car park. It would then track their location as they arrived at the destination whether it may be the restaurant for an evening dinner and regular working day in the office.

This deal rise when the Uber is enmeshed in the controversy around its self-driving car technology and about the workplace culture in the Office. In the last week, the judge denied the Uber’s request for a stay in its lawsuit with Google’s Waymo.

Waymo- autonomous car

Waymo is the autonomous car unit of Alphabets and Google was their parent company. They filed the case against Uber and the Co-founder of Otto as they stole nearly forty thousand document of the Waymo including the design and operation of the Waymo autonomous car.  

The company fired more than twenty people as the result of the sexual harassment problem. Then, it fires an executive from the office due to the reason who procured the medical records of a woman who was raped during the ride in India.

Uber’s obstacles and in the process of recovery

However, the Uber faced lot issues like the workplace culture, sexual harassments on the woman passenger during the ride and case filed by Waymo against Uber and the co-founder of Otto. Unfortunately, the Chief Executive Officer took one week leave due to the reason of his parent got in an accident and his mother passed away, his father in serious condition.

Apart from this, he quickly recovering from that situation, started to hire new technology expert from Luxe based on the car valet service. Uber is the largest ride-sharing company in the United States and it also provides other service like delivery of food in the name of UberEATS and in the parcel service called as UberRUSH. The president of the Sword and Sea transport advisor, Thom Albrecht gave a statement that the Uber must prove themselves as they have the capability as any brokers. As the positive move Uber hire new experts and mainly focus on the driver’s pain point.